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The topics of REHADAT

REHADAT is focussing on six key topics under the motto " Job Participation & Inclusion of People with Disabilities". These topics can be found in the REHADAT portals, in sections of the portals or in independent web apps. All topics are interlinked across all areas. The most important REHADAT topics are presented below.

The content of the page at a glance

All topics at a glance

Assistive products & technical work Aids

How and with which assistive products and technical work aids can work be made accessible for people with disabilities and chronic illnesses? You will find extensive information on this topic in several places in REHADAT.

REHADAT offers on the topic „Assistive products & technical work Aids"

Support & compensation

What support is available for companies that employ people with disabilities or chronic illnesses and for the employees themselves in order to create training and jobs or secure employment? What is the equalisation levy & employment obligation all about? You can find comprehensive information on this topic in REHADAT.

Knowledge: Encyclopaedia, law, literature, research & statistics

Where can you find summarised knowledge, explanations of terms, the debate, publications & documentation, legal bases & case law, findings from research projects, current developments, facts & figures from the field of occupational participation & inclusion? You can find comprehensive information on this topic in several REHADAT portals.

REHADAT offers on the topic „Knowledge: Encyclopaedia, law, literature, research & statistics"