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About us

With fourteen portals, numerous publications, apps and seminars, REHADAT is the central independent information service for participation and inclusion in working life of people with disabilities in Germany. The information is aimed at those affected and all those who are committed to their participation in working life. All offers are barrier-free and accessible free of charge.

REHADAT is mainly aimed at German readers and takes into account German laws and institutions. That is why we offer only an excerpt of the information in English language as well.

REHADAT is a project of the German Economic Institute, funded by the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (BMAS) from the equalization fund. See our video with subtitles in English.

Well informed with REHADAT

Video: Well informed with REHADAT

Fast and comprehensive research

Our team of experts collects all the information, prepares it for different target groups and adds to it on an ongoing basis. With the REHADAT offer, we stand for neutrality, topicality and seriousness.

In the REHADAT portals, those affected and interested can quickly find well-founded information on all important aspects of the participation in working life of people with disabilities: Assistive products, practical examples, legal issues, contact data, literature, research, statistics, sheltered workshops, compensatory levy and further training.

All portals and their contents are linked with each other. Thus, users can access the entire REHADAT information offering from any portal at any time and obtain further information. REHADAT also provides contact data for a quick and targeted dialog with responsible institutions or organizations.

Advisory Board

The development of REHADAT is accompanied by an advisory board. This consists of representatives of the following organizations:

  • Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (BMAS)
  • Federal Employment Agency (BA)
  • Federal Association of Vocational Training Centers e.V. (BAG BBW)
  • Federal Association of Integration Offices and Main Welfare Centers (BIH)
  • Federal Working Group for Rehabilitation (BAR e. V.)
  • Federal Working Group Self-Help (BAG SELBSTHILFE e. V.)
  • Federal Association of Sheltered Workshops for the Disabled (BAG WfbM)
  • Confederation of German Employers' Associations (BDA)
  • German Pension Insurance Association (DRV Bund)
  • German Trade Union Confederation (DGB) Federal Executive Board
  • Federal Association of German Vocational Training Centers (BV BFW e. V.)
  • Social Association Germany (SoVD e. V.)
  • Social Association VdK Germany e.V.