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Frequently asked questions

Answers to the ten most frequently asked questions

REHADAT is a project of the German Economic Institute, which is carried out on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS).
Our team of experts collects and processes information in the field of vocational inclusion. REHADAT stands for neutrality, topicality and integrity.

REHADAT is a made-up word, created from the words rehabilitation and data.

The offer is aimed at all parties who are interested in occupational inclusion. First and foremost, these are the people with disabilities or health restrictions themselves. At REHADAT, you can obtain information free of charge, comprehensively and without barriers. But also company participants such as employers of different sized companies, representatives of severely disabled people or advisors of supporting institutions use REHADAT very intensively. Likewise parents, who would like to inform themselves about the vocational chances for their children or educational specialists, who accompany young people with a disability in the phase between school and occupation, use REHADAT. In addition, there are many technical advisors and consultants or occupational therapists who are particularly interested in technical aids and their use in the work environment. Our user groups are very diverse.

All information is available free of charge.

In all the REHADAT portals there are contact forms and the possibility for personal contact via e-mail or telephone.

No, unfortunately this is not possible. For this you have to ask the manufacturer or use the sales contacts of the respective assistive product. You can find them in the product descriptions at REHADAT-Assistive Products.

Since we have a comprehensive overview of participation in working life in Germany, we can often provide further assistance. However, many inquiries relate to individual cases, then we will refer you to the contact person at the institution that is right for you.

The topic of inclusion in working life is very complex. There are many experts, for example at the integration offices or the integration services, who are available to answer questions.

We offer individual topics as online modules (only available in German):

  • Shaping participation in working life
  • Assistive products and technical work aids

Current dates and further information can be found here.

Currently, information in easy language is only available in German.

You can find us at the following events:

  • REHAB Karlsruhe (every two years)
    Trade fair for rehabilitation, therapy, care and inclusion.
    REHADAT is represented with a booth.
    More information about this fair at:
  • REHACARE Düsseldorf (annually)
    International Trade Fair for Rehabilitation and Care
    REHADAT is represented with a booth in the topic area "workplace and occupation". We also give presentations on participation in working life of people with disabilities.
    More information about this fair:
  • REHADAT Online Seminars (only available in German)

    We offer individual topics of our full-day seminars as online modules. You can find information about the topics and dates here.

REHADAT frequently receives inquiries from students of different faculties. As a general rule, we offer the possibility of an internship at REHADAT. The internship should last at least eight weeks and is remunerated. We particularly appreciate applications from students with disabilities.