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REHADAT-compact brings knowledge on occupational participation to the point.

Each issue of REHADAT-compact is dedicated to a topic of occupational participation of people with impairments.

REHADAT-compact is published four times exclusively in German.

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Issue 07 – Accessible Websites


REHADAT-compact provides information on what accessible websites are, what advantages they have for users and companies and helps with a quick checklist to create accessible websites.

Issue 07, 03/2023 | 2 pages (in German language)

Issue 06 – Digital accessibility


REHADAT-compact provides information on what digital accessibility is, which devices, applications and professional or everyday activities you should consider and what advantages there are for companies to address this issue.

Issue 06, 03/2023 | 2 pages (in German language)

Issue 05 – Compensatory Levy


REHADAT-compact provides information on why the equalisation levy is charged, what it is used for and how it is calculated. And you can find out which practical tools REHADAT has at its disposal on the subject of the equalisation levy: e.g. the savings calculator and two explanatory videos.

Issue 05, 12/2022 | 2 pages (in German language)

Issue 04 – Assistive devices for the job: Who pays and when?


REHADAT-compact provides information on the most important providers of benefits for aids and technical work aids for the workplace, what can be paid, who makes the application, what needs to be taken into account and what applicants can do if their application is rejected.

Issue 04, 09/2022 | 2 pages (in German language)

Issue 03 – Budget for work


REHADAT-compact provides information on how the Budget for Work helps with the transition from the sheltered workshop for people with disabilities (WfbM) to the general labour market, what the process is like and who can support companies and beneficiaries on the way.

Issue 03, 06/2022 | 2 pages (in German language)

Issue 02 – The degree of disability (GdB) in working life

Titelbild REHADAT kompakt 2

REHADAT-compact provides information on what the degree of disability (GdB) means, from when people are considered severely disabled or of equal status, what a GdB means in work & occupation and what disadvantage compensation there is for severely disabled employees and employees of equal status as well as their employers.

Issue 02, 03/2022 |2 pages (in German language)

Issue 01 – Inclusion agreement


REHADAT-compact informs about what an inclusion agreement is, why it is worthwhile, who sits at the negotiating table, who can help and what all belongs in it.

Issue 01, 12/2021 | 2 pages (in German language)