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REHADAT directories focus on inclusion companies, sheltered workshops for rehabilitation and inclusion researchers in Germany. All directories provide a list of all addresses, contact information and additional information on service offering or research focus.

They are free of charge and updated annually. 

Directory of rehabilitation and inclusion reasearchers 2021 – stakeholders and topics in Germany

Deckblatt Verzeichnis der Reha- und Teilhabeforschenden

The directory lists researchers of various disciplines of rehabilitation and inclusion in Germany.
It includes contact information, research topics and usage of ICF.

It is published annually for the congress "Rehabilitationswissenschaftliches Kolloquium".

Directory of sheltered workshops for people with disabilities 2020

Deckblatt Verzeichnis anerkannter Werkstätten für behinderte Menschen 2021

The directory of sheltered workshops of the "Bundesagentur für Arbeit" (German federal employment agency) lists all 734 approved workshops (WfbM) with contact information, services and products including workshops specialised for blind people.

It is published annually.

Directory of inclusion companies 2021

Deckblatt Verzeichnis der Inklusionsfirmen

Inclusions companies offer employment for people with disabilities with equal payment and offer access to the open labour market. On average 30 to 50 percent of employees have a disability.

It is published annually.