About us

REHADAT has developed, and now maintains, updates and expands an information system on the internet that supports the vocational integration of people with disabilities. The website contains more than 100,000 items of information.

REHADAT is a project of the Cologne Institute for Economic Research and is sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

REHADAT contents:

Assistive Devices
The REHADAT-Assistive Products portal provides information on assistive products and their provision for people with disabilities or health restrictions.

Working life and disability
REHADAT-talentplus is a special guide to vocational integration for employers, employees and integration experts.

Education and Profession
REHADAT-Education offers extensive information on the topic of vocational train-ing for young people with disabilities.

Good-Practice: Work design for people with disabilities
REHADAT-Good Practice describes more than 900 case studies showing how work-places can be successfully adapted.

Jurisdiction and law
REHADAT-Law provides judgements and laws on the subject of vocational inclusion.

Addresses and Advice
REHADAT-Addresses offers more than 24,000 addresses covering all issues of disability.

Sheltered workshops
REHADAT provides information on the products and services available in sheltered workshops in Germany.

Providers of Seminars
REHADAT lists providers of Seminars for experts in rehabilitation.

REHADAT-Research provides information on research and pilot schemes on vocation-al participation and inclusion.

REHADAT-Statistics collects information on statistics and empirical studies.

More than 32,000 references to books, journal articles, online publications and audio-visual material can be found at REHADAT-Literature.

Find information from the REHADAT fields - assistive devices, literature and good practice - with the ICF classification.

REHADAT international
REHADAT is a member of the EASTIN association - the European Assistive Technology Information network. The EASTIN internet platform offers a complete European overview of assistive products and related information and was co-funded by the European Commission.