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Titel der Veröffentlichung: Adaptation of the Core Set for Vocational Rehabilitation for Cancer Survivor

A Qualitative Consensus‑Based Study

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Paltrinieri, Sara; Costi, Stefania; Pellegrini, Martina [u. a.]


k. A.


Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation, 2022, First Online: 25 March 2022, Dordrecht: Springer Niederlande, ISSN: 1053-0487 (Print); 1573-3688 (Online)



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Paltrinieri, Sara; Costi, Stefania; Pellegrini, Martina [u. a.]

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Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation, First Online: 25 March 2022

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Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation

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Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation

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Adaptation of the Core Set for Vocational Rehabilitation for Cancer Survivors

A Qualitative Consensus‑Based Study
Persons with disabilities (PwD) face difficulties in employment. Despite extensive research on PwD in the workplace, there is lack of research on the factors behind retaining or terminating the job of a PwD. This study aims to address this gap by developing the Retaining Workers with Disability (RWD) model.

Predicated on 1032 respondents with employment decision authority, we performed exploratory factor analysis (EFA) followed by confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) for convergent and discriminant validity of the RWD model. Next, we developed the two-rank model RWD-II and employed CFA for validation.

We presented a dual-facet measurement tool for assessing employer attitudes towards retaining PwD in the workplace. Two dominant factors were measured, direct and indirect work-related items. Indices for both models (one and two-rank) showed a good fit.

Our study highlighted two major factors influencing managers in the decision-making process of retaining workers with disabilities as follows: direct and indirect work-related concerns. The measure was validated using the RWD scale. By providing the tool to identify attitudes towards PwD work retention, we offer the first step in identifying and changing a negative approach toward this population in the workplace. Practical contributions are discussed.



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