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Return to work after a myocardial infarction: The influence of background factors, work characteristics and illness severity


Maeland, J. G.; Havik, O. E.


k. A.


Scandinavian journal of social medicine, 1986, Volume 14 (Number 4), Seite 183-195, Stockholm: Scandinavian University Press, ISSN: 0300-8037




The relationship between return to work (RTW) within 6 months after a myocardial infarction (MI) and selected demographic factors, characteristics of prior work situation, pre-MI health status, and clinical severity of the MI has been studied in 249 patients below 67 years of age living in urban and rural areas of Western Norway. At the follow-up 8 out of 10 urban patients and 6 out of 10 rural patients were back at work.

The RTW rate for the total sample was 73%. Age below 51 years, high educational and income level, working in tertiary industries, and in a job characterized by low physical activity and little psychosocial stress were all factors associated with a favourable work resumption. Multivariate analyses showed that socioeconomic or work-related factors could not fully explain the urban-rural differences in RTW.

Stepwise discriminant analysis identified the following factors as important and independent predictors for RTW: Place of residence, age, education, perceived job stress, and clinical complications during hospitalization. Failure to return to work after a MI can be explained by a number of individual and social factors and only to a limited degree by the medical status of the patient. More knowledge is needed concerning the socio-cultural differences among both patients and attending physicians in attitudes towards work resumption after a MI.

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