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Reducing job coach assistance for supported workers with severe multiple disabilities: An alternative off-site/on-site model


Parsons, Marsha B.; Reid, Dennis H.; Green, Carolyn W. [u. a.]


k. A.


Research in Developmental Disabilities, 2001, Volume 22 (Number 2), Seite 151-164, New York: Pergamon Press, ISSN: 0891-4222




Reducing job coach assistance for supported workers with severe multiple disabilities: An alternative off-site/on-site model

Adults with severe multiple disabilities constitute a very small percentage of individuals in supported work. When these persons do obtain community jobs, considerable assistance is usually required. We evaluated an off-site/on-site program for reducing job coach assistance provided for three adults with severe multiple disabilities in a part-time community job.

Following observations of the supported workers' job performance in a publishing company, the job support reduction program was implemented while the individuals received more traditional day services when not at work. The program involved assessing the amount and type of assistance provided for each step in a worker's job tasks, and then reducing the assistance through environmental adaptations and instruction. After implementation in the nonwork setting, the adaptations and instruction were extended to the work site. Immediate reductions occurred in the amount of assistance provided by job coaches for each supported worker while on the job. No adverse effects on productivity were observed.

These results suggest that an off-site/on-site approach to reducing work assistance represents a viable alternative to current supported work models. Social validity observations in 10 job sites highlighted the need to demonstrate ways to reduce work assistance provided for workers with severe multiple disabilities. Future research areas are noted, focusing on evaluating other models for enhancing supported work opportunities for people with highly significant disabilities.

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Research in Developmental Disabilities
Homepage: https://www.sciencedirect.com/journal/research-in-developmen...

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