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Stability of vocational outcome in adulthood after moderate to severe preschool brain injury


Mller, K.; Nybo, T.; Sainio, M.


International Neuropsychological Society


Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society (JINS), 2004, Volume 10 (Number 5), Seite 719-723, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, ISSN: 1355-6177 (Print); 1469-7661 (Online)




We studied how moderate to severe childhood traumatic brain injury (TBI) affects vocational outcome with time. This is the second follow-up of patients who were injured as preschoolers in traffic accidents. In the first follow-up the mean age was 23 years and in the present study the average age of the 27-patient cohort was 40 years. Twenty-two patients were assessed clinically by a neuropsychologist, neurologist and a social worker. Five patients, although not able or willing to participate in the clinical study, were contacted by telephone and interviewed on their vocational outcome.

Compared to the first follow-up, 2027 patients in total had no change in their vocational status. Nine out of the 27 patients were working full-time, two had subsidized jobs and 16 were not working. Twenty-four of 27 patients were independent in daily living. In the neuropsychological tests of executive functions, preserved flexibility associated with full-time work status. In conclusion, 13 of the patients were still employed full-time over 30 years after the TBI. This suggests that favorable vocational outcome, reached by young adulthood, is maintained at least until middle age.

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Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society (JINS)

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Informationsstand: 30.08.2004

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