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Health status of lymphatic filariasis assessed from patients using seven domains five levels (7D5L) instrument


Harichandrakumar, K. T.; Krishnamoorthy, K.; Kumari, A. K. [u. a.]


k. A.


Acta Tropica, 2006, Volume 99 (Number 2/3), Seite 137-143, Amsterdam: Elsevier, ISSN: 0001-706X (Print); 1873-6254 (Online)




Health status is the standardized description of health condition of individuals either normal or ill due to diseases and is presented as multidimentional profiles. In an effort to develop an indicator to assess the impact of morbidity intervention against lymphatic filariasis (LF), we assessed the health status of seven different clinical manifestations (health states) of LF from the patient's perspective. One hundred and seventy-four filarial patients either with hydrocele or lymphoedema were involved in the study.

Acute episode of adenolymphangitis (ADL) among chronic patients was considered as co-morbidity. Severity levels, focusing on physical, mental and social dimensions of health were defined and quantified, using seven domains and five levels (7D5L) instrument, an extended form of EuroQol (5D3L). All the seven domains of health are affected by filarial disease, with the levels of severity varying with health states. The mean severity score of ADL (25.8) was significantly higher compared to lymphoedema (10.7) and hydrocele (6.9) (P less than 0.05). In males, the mean score of lymphoedema (11.6) was significantly higher in comparison to hydrocele (P less than 0.05). The severity scores increase with the progression of filarial disease but independent of gender.

The health states of LF were further classified based on the percentage of severity according to International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) on impairments. Lymphoedema grade 4 (oedema with skin changes) and ADL were ranked as severe. The importance of these findings is discussed in view of priority setting and evaluating the morbidity management under Global Programme for Elimination of Lymphatic Filariasis (GPELF).

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